Setup: Press Cards

Press printing requires specific file preparation in order to achieve the desired print.  Blank sizing templates are available for all press products.  All press products require a 1/8” bleed around all outside edges.  Our sizing templates have guidelines can be viewed in Photoshop by pressing Ctrl/Command+H.  These guidelines are approximate trim lines only.  You are responsible to ensure that text and borders are well within the trim lines in order to ensure the final product is made as you planned.

Bleed lines are only an approximate trim area.  Machine printing and cutting require a 1/8” tolerance so that the background image or colour extends to the end of the card or page.

NOTE thinner borders cannot be guaranteed and may shift up to 1/8”.  This is represented by the dotted line. If press products are ordered using files which are not prepared using the templates, your product will not print or will not trim according to your plan.

Example of Bleed with Text:
Guidelines shown below are cut areas. The trim line is approximately 1/8” away from the edge.  This is represented by the teal line.  Any text or important parts of the image (head, hands, feet, etc) should be within 1/4” of the edge.

GTA-2017 changes.indd