Lamination + Machine Texture

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We offer four different archival quality lamination options for your photographic prints.  These are the highest quality laminates available and provide UV protection as well.   Laminating your prints will not only protect them but also change the look  from adding a slight sheen to  giving a matte finish or adding texture.

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Lamination Finishes:

Adds a slight sheen and pebbled texture to the prints.  Our most popular lamination.  Excellent choice for vivid colours.

Slightly more matte than satin and same pebbled texture.

Cross hatch linen type texture with a light sheen similar to the emery laminate.

No shine, true matte with same pebbled texture.

Machine Texture:

No lamination.  Photographic prints are run through a texture machine to add depth to the image and also makes the prints more difficult to be scanned.