Product Details

These showcase quality wall display prints are truly a highlight to any room! Acrylic prints feature better image quality on metallic photographic paper, thicker acrylic for a deeper image effect, smoother refined edges and a more solid black backing.  Custom sizes available.

ROES Category: Display

Turnaround time: 10-11 Business days


Hanging Options:

  • One inch (1”) Floatmount hanging bar (now standard)

Ordering a Custom Size

  1. To order a custom size acrylic print, crop your image in Photoshop to the size desired at 300dpi.  Ex, 40×20 @ 300 dpi.Save as jpeg and include size in the filename. Ex. landscape40x20.jpg
  2. Order in ROES as the next size up.  Ex. 30×40.  The cropping will be incorrect.
  3. In the Special Instructions, type “Custom Size (indicate size), Please use original file”


Acrylic Block

Photo Metallic print face mounted to an acrylic block. Approximately 1”  thick.